Where is Buhari?

Too much emphasis on actions that yields photo ops, heavily laden with noise, generating impacts with zero signal/substance.

Emeka Okoye

President Buhari himself has not been seen in public since March 19 when he made a brief appearance at a gathering to commission federal emergency telephone lines in Abuja. His failure to publicly address a nation in crisis has fuelled rumours about his health.

His media aides have, however, continued to issue statements attesting to his firmness, saying his silence at a time leaders across the world are vigorously providing leadership and guiding their people was deliberate.

On March 22, a 23-second video purporting to show the president talking about the coronavirus was abruptly deleted after exposing him as being unable to pronounce COVID-19, one of the most used words in the world.

At a time when the President is needed, he is missing in action. Last week, I took a position that we didn’t have a President in Nigeria. Time has proven me right.

Nigeria Receives Test Kits and Protective Gears Donated By Jack Ma

Last week, Nigeria took receipt of materials from Jack Ma. In a clear display of Federal Character, they were disbursed to Abuja rather than Lagos which is at the epicenter of the pandemic.

Toyota Camry 2020

Although there was no money to pay for testing kits, the Senators got their 2020 Toyota Camrys delivered to them.

The tragedy of Nigeria isn’t the lack of resources but the lack of a clear definition of priorities.

Leadership Style

This isn’t a good time to be a media handler to the President. The past week saw the Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina defend the President’s refusal to address the nation.

The standards of leadership in Nigeria have been buried. A style of leadership of incompetence leading to tragedy is now the norm in Nigeria.

Later on, pictures of the President would be released online. They would be torn apart on Twitter.

Thanks to that leadership style, Nigeria has come under attack by the Imam of Peace. If you want truth in times like this, the Imam of Peace is a veritable source of truth.

Abba Kyari Admitted at London’s Hospital

Proving that the failure to deliver healthcare facilities in the country is the ultimate failure, the Chief of Staff of President Buhari, Abba Kyari has been admitted into a London hospital.

Akure Explosions

A vehicle carrying explosives caused a blast in Akure. If you believe in the tooth fairy, you would also believe that the company in question doesn’t have a name.

As COVID-19 Makes A Landfall In Nigeria, By Chidi Anselm Odinkalu

This opinion piece pretty much sums up all the fears about the Coronavirus in Nigeria.

It highlights the biggest danger at this time which is a leadership vacuum in the nation.

As of today, most governors are stepping into the gap to lead their states.

The silence of the President is making a loud sound. It is my hope that this crisis passes.