How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

Welcome to a new week. With the Coronavirus situation under control in Nigeria, life begins anew. We are passed the two weeks window for the index case.

I had the opportunity to read How Europe Underdeveloped Africa written by Walter Rodney again.

The summary of the method was through the exploitation of land and labour.

If you understand that, then you understand everything about the book.

Through the process of slavery, colonialism, and neo-colonialism, the resources on the African continent were transferred to Europe.

What is sad is that today, China is on the prowl. In the past week, a Chinese restaurant was closed down because Nigerians were not allowed to eat on the premises.

Personally, I have no taste for Chinese food. But a situation where Nigerians can be maltreated in their own country is unacceptable.

The opportunity in our time is that we have the wisdom of the past. We don’t need to make the mistakes our forbears made.