Make Money Online

Wage Slavery

When you live in the poorest nation in the world, wage slavery is a reality.

You earn peanuts and to add insult to injury, you might be owed your salary for months on end.

That was my life once upon a time before I took the plunge to make money online.

The truth is that I am still figuring this out. I made some money this month through writing so I know that it works. The challenge is to scale the amount of income made.

Yesterday, I discovered that I couldn’t make money using affiliate marketing as this site didn’t have enough traffic.

It is only something you can learn from experience. In Nigeria, we say that a person who used mouth to learn driving won’t get into an accident.

N50,000 is $138 by the current exchange rate. How much can that get you?

That is the reality of living in Nigeria at the moment. There is no end in sight to the suffering.

Were I a candidate who knew Microsoft Excel, I would tempt my fate on Fiverr or Upwork.

Freelancing online is way better than frustrating yourself in traffic especially if you live in Lagos.