Your Days are Numbered

The Nigerian is conditioned to believe that the best will always happen. He’s not conditioned to prepare for the worst, so the worst keeps on happening – and he’s unprepared.

Here we are today.

Onye Nkuzi

The above statement is my feeling towards the entity called Nigeria. While being assaulted on every side, our leaders dilly dally on trivia.

The news from the country is melancholic as usual. Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother.

30 Dead Including Pregnant Woman and Baby in Nigeria Militant Attack

Last week, 30 people were killed in a terrorist attack. The headline says militant to cushion the effect but the attackers were terrorists.

The military in Borno state is not to blame. Were I a commanding officer in the Nigerian army, I would not be able to order my men to fight.

The attack happened the same day 1,400 repentant Boko Haram suspects were released.

Against that backdrop were I a commanding officer, I would order my men to stand down once it was 5 pm.

Northern Nigeria Accounts for 87 Percent of all the Poor People in Nigeria – World Bank

This headline comes despite all the years the South has spent carrying the North.

Despite all the years of quotas and special privileges, the North acts like an anchor dragging the rest of the country down to the abyss.

When those of us from the South express our opinions, we are shouted down.

Well, the truth doesn’t lie.

AU 2020 Summit

The AU 2020 Summit held this week. What is really tragic is the absence of African only spaces where we Africans can talk to ourselves without Asians or Europeans in attendance.

The only interesting thing was the admission by the United Nations that African nations are being sidelined on the Libya issue.

Bishop Kukah: Our Hypocrisy and Duplicity Have Caught up With Us

Bishop Kukah was speaking at the funeral of an 18-year-old Reverend Father in Training.

Residents Boo Buhari Boko Haram attacks Borno Capital

So the President returned from Ethiopia to visit the community where 30 people were killed.

On his way, he was booed. That same day, the capital was attacked. That tells you all you need to know about what the terrorists think about us.

International Flights to Lagos Divert to Ghana Due to Poor Equipment

As proof that bad governance will kill everyone, those Nigerians rich enough to afford flight tickets found out that they could not land in Ghana because the ILS (Instrument Landing System) at the Muritala Muhammed Airport was bad.

As a result, some airlines diverted their flights to Ghana. Proof that we must fix our nation or if we plan to go on exile never return.


Thus ends the sixth week of the year in one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

Have a great week.