Programming Competitions

Pix Programming Challenge

Pix Programming Challenge is an international programming competition for children and youth. It is fully carried out via the PixBlocks application. The competition is organized in Nigeria, India and 5 European countries.

Contest participants must solve programming tasks. Tasks are adapted to different age groups.

The three age groups are Rookie (Born 2013 – 2009), Skilled (Born 2008 – 2004) and Master (Born 2003 – 1999).

The results for this year’s competition are out.

Rookie Winners

  1. Abdullahi Olubuade
  2. Abdurrahman Adesalu
  3. Uthman Olanrewaju
  4. AbdulAfeez Adedeji
  5. Bryan Obiorah

The first four children are from Heritage Global Academy with the fifth child from Princeton Schools.

Skilled Winners

  1. Timilehin Adekoya
  2. Boluwatife Ojo
  3. Layiwola Larinde
  4. Temiloluwa Oluwafemi
  5. Peter Ajayi

Timilehin Adekoya came first but didn’t enter with a school. The remaining children come from Valencia Schools.

Masters Winners

  1. Sumayyah Yusuf

Sumayyah Yusuf is from Heritage Global Academy a lone semi-finalist as well as a finalist.

Congratulations to all the participants. Without aspiration for the future, there is nothing.

These kids are the future of the tech community in Nigeria.