Make Money Online


The part key to making money online is to be able to receive your money in your local currency.

If you live in a country like Nigeria, your options in getting paid online are limited because of the reputation of the “Nigerian Prince”.

So you can forget about PayPal although you can use it to send money outside the country, you cannot receive money in Nigeria using PayPal.

An alternative you can consider for receiving payments online is Payoneer.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a global payment platform that empowers businesses, online sellers and freelancers to pay and get paid globally as easily as they do locally.

The first roadblock I faced as a writer when I wanted to start selling books on Amazon was the means for receiving my money in Nigeria.

My search for alternatives would lead me to Payoneer. I would link my Amazon account to my Payoneer by Electronic Fund Transfer and every month, I see the sales from my books on Amazon reflected in my Payoneer account.

Where Can You Use Payoneer in Nigeria?

The most popular use-case for Payoneer in Nigeria is on freelance websites. The trend of working from home is slowly growing in Nigeria.

Thanks to Payoneer, freelancers can cash out their earnings by sending them to a local bank.

My own use case for selling on Amazon is more of an outlier. However, the integration of the two services helps me collect my earnings in Naira.


The options for making money online in Nigeria have grown in the last decade.

This article has looked at how to receive payments in Nigeria with Payoneer.

Do you make money online? How do you do it? Please let me know in the comments below.

Make Money Online

How to Sell Stuff Online in Nigeria

One of the ways to make money online is to sell online.

The entire experience of selling online replicates the process in real life.

In real life, if I wanted to buy something, I would go to the supermarket.

Once there, I would browse the store for products that I wanted and place them in a shopping cart.

At the checkout, I would pay the cashier and collect a receipt and the goods.

To sell anything online, we have to replicate this process.

Selling Online

In order to sell online, you must replicate what happens in the real world.

The first thing we need is a storefront.

This is a place where prospective customers can browse for the items they want

Once they browse the items they want to buy, they then place them in a shopping cart.

Once they have completed the purchase, they checkout and pay for the items.

Once the transaction is completed, they get a receipt.

Depending on the nature of the goods, how they customers receive them is different.

For physical items, the customer will have to wait for delivery.

The main advantage of digital goods is that delivery is instantaneous.

Online Marketplaces

In online marketplaces, the infrastructure to handle everything from storefront to payment is done for you.

All you need to do is sign up and place your products on the online marketplace.

The main benefit of this is leverage.

You can use the reputation and infrastructure of an existing organisation to setup your own.

An example of this is Amazon. Amazon is the global retail giant allowing you to sell anything you can imagine including digital goods.

Some examples of online marketplaces that we have in Nigeria are:

  1. Baya
  2. Konga
  3. Jumia
  4. Olist
  5. OkadaBooks

Going Your Own Way

If you choose to go your own way, you are deciding to be responsible for every aspect of your own online store.

The two popular options for this are:

  1. Shopify
  2. WooCommerce

Shopify is great if you want to quickly get started. There is no need to code.

You can do everything yourself without a developer using Shopify although you must be willing to pay a monthly fee.

WooCommerce although free comes with the challenge of not being for non-developers.

Both of the above tools will allow you get started up quickly with your online stores.

My advice is that you look at the trade-off between time and money and choose carefully based on your own reality.


With the growth of eCommerce in Nigeria in the last decade, there is no reason for anyone not to make money online.

The tools, platforms and infrastructure to make money online are already available all that is missing is you.

Will you take the opportunity or watch from the sidelines?

Make Money Online

Internet Usage in Nigeria

Before we can talk about how to make money online, we have to first take inventory on how we are currently using the internet in Nigeria.

The featured image for this post is a barchart from Statista that shows the projected number of internet users in Nigeria.

The accuracy of the chart is shown to be acceptable as the data released by the NCC confirms this.

Top Websites in Nigeria

Alexa collates the top websites in Nigeria. Data doesn’t lie.

Google is our number one website in Nigeria which is hardly surprising as it serves as an aggregator.

After that, the websites can be categorized into the following:

  • Gambling
  • Entertainment
  • Social Media
  • Education
  • News
  • eCommerce
  • FinTech

Gambling websites are predominant in this list.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world.

Notable on this list is the eCommerce and freelancing platforms that have taken hold in Nigeria.

What Does the Future Hold?

No one knows tomorrow.

As the economy worsens and confidence in the current administration declines, Nigerians will continue to seek methods to make money online.


At the end of the last decade, the payments would be our greatest achievement.

This means that the infrastructure necessary to make money online now exists in the country.

Consider how you use the internet and how you can use the internet usage in Nigeria to your advantage.