Edocated Initiative is Organising Her 6th Seminar on Edo Culture

Edocated Initiative is organising her 6th seminar on Edo culture titled: “Morning Salutations in Edo”. Morning salutations are called “Ukhu” in Benin and are peculiar only to the Edo people.

One of the reasons you have to be at the seminar, is to know the story behind your “Ukhu” and to understand its links to your lineage.

Salutations are a practice that are peculiar and significant to the Edo people basically because of the role they play in unifying the people, linking them to their ancestry and also allowing people to easily identify their relatives through their “Ukhu”. In the olden days people could easily identify non-indigenes or slaves in their midst.

The “Ukhu” preserves every family’s story passing it from generation to generation. Also the Edo people also used their “Ukhu” to show their loyalty or disloyalty. Greeting “Ukhu” is also a mark of respect for one’s elders.

Different topics to be covered at the seminar include:

  • Identifying the Family Morning Salutations in Edo
  • Edo Language and Meanings of the Different Morning Salutations in Edo
  • The Origin of Morning Salutations in Edo
  • Responding to Salutations (Ukhu) in Edo
  • Significance of the Edo Morning Salutation in the contemporary world
  • Strategies to help Families Teach and Preserve Edo Morning Salutations

Through this event Edocated Initiative intends to reawaken and preserve this age long tradition and drive home its importance, especially among young people.

About Edocated Initiative

Edocated Initiative is an NGO dedicated to reviving and promoting the traditions, history, values, arts and culture, of the Edo nation.