Lockdown Chronicles

Lagos Lockdown Day 2

Today marks the second day of the Lagos Lockdown by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

I admit that I am now morbid about the Coronavirus. With reports of a vaccine, I have decided that no matter what happens, I won’t be taking a vaccine.

My biggest medical ailments have been Malaria and Typhoid Fever. I won’t violate the Lockdown but if I am to die, I would like to die with my dignity left.

There was no light for most of the day. In my area, we get light on alternate days. A classic reminder that the current administration in power can only copy procedures from other countries not pallatives.

Due to that fact, angry residents in Delta state beat the State Taskforce Officials. An expected result considering that Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world.

The Lockdown would have been successful if food items where distributed to the residents. It is a cruel joke of nature that electricity bills get to every house in the country by not benefits.

The virus has officially been named “Corocoro”. This follows the Nigerian tendency to pronounce names twice. “Moimoi”, “Chichi”, “Puffpuff” are names most Nigerians would recognize. This naming follows that custom.

This thread on Nairaland looks at what Nigerians are doing during the Lockdown. The biggest constraint to the Lockdown is the absence of power at home.

Welcome to the month of April.