Programming Competitions

Pix Programming Challenge

Pix Programming Challenge is an international programming competition for children and youth. It is fully carried out via the PixBlocks application. The competition is organized in Nigeria, India and 5 European countries.

Contest participants must solve programming tasks. Tasks are adapted to different age groups.

The three age groups are Rookie (Born 2013 – 2009), Skilled (Born 2008 – 2004) and Master (Born 2003 – 1999).

The results for this year’s competition are out.

Rookie Winners

  1. Abdullahi Olubuade
  2. Abdurrahman Adesalu
  3. Uthman Olanrewaju
  4. AbdulAfeez Adedeji
  5. Bryan Obiorah

The first four children are from Heritage Global Academy with the fifth child from Princeton Schools.

Skilled Winners

  1. Timilehin Adekoya
  2. Boluwatife Ojo
  3. Layiwola Larinde
  4. Temiloluwa Oluwafemi
  5. Peter Ajayi

Timilehin Adekoya came first but didn’t enter with a school. The remaining children come from Valencia Schools.

Masters Winners

  1. Sumayyah Yusuf

Sumayyah Yusuf is from Heritage Global Academy a lone semi-finalist as well as a finalist.

Congratulations to all the participants. Without aspiration for the future, there is nothing.

These kids are the future of the tech community in Nigeria.


We Don’t Have a President

If crises are good for one thing; they make perfectly obvious who are true leaders and expose charlatans and pretenders.

Sim Shagaya

As much tragedy that can befall a nation, there is no greater tragedy that can befall a nation than incompetent leadership.

The past week would reveal to all that the bane of leadership in Nigeria is tribalism and religion. When merit isn’t the basis for electing leaders, tragedies like this will continue in Nigeria.

Abule Ado Explosions

Sunday the 15th of March will remain indelible in the minds of residents of Abule Ado.

As of yesterday, the death toll stands at 23. A sad and terrible accident that shouldn’t have occurred.

The Governor of Lagos State Babajide Sanwo-Olu would visit the scene and remark that he had never seen anything like it.

Next, he would create a N2bn relief fund for the victims. Ironic considering that Lagos State once spent N2.4bn on cars.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu shows pictures to Buhari.

To add insult to injury, President Buhari would fail to visit the scene. The Governor of Lagos State would take the photographs of the scene to him.

Let Them Come Until My Daughter Returns

Let Them Come Until My Daughter Returns

Despite the pleas on Social Media, the Presidency turned a deaf ear. Later on, a travel ban was put in place. The above image explains the choice of the date.

The above picture was taken on the 19th. The ban would come into effect on the 20th of March.

Nigerian Doctors begin Strike

To worsen an already bad situation, the doctors in Nigeria have gone on strike.

This is due to the lack of payments of salaries. At a time with a pandemic on our hands, it is hoped that the situation is resolved.

So there you have it. A roundup of the 11th week of the year.

Do remember: “Bad governance will kill everyone”.

No Code Tools

An Introduction to No Code Tools

The first No Code Tool I would ever hear of in my entire life would be Shopify. I would first hear about it in 2012.

It would allow a friend of mine to build an eCommerce business without having the ability to code.

The main constraint he faced when we met was that a custom solution built on Shopify would be too expensive to construct.

Since then, the No Code Movement has grown in leaps and bounds. Today technology is a commodity.

You can create a prototype for any product. You just need to know what you want to create.

No Code Tools lower the barrier for non-technical people to create.

No Code List contains a comprehensive list of No Code Tools. It should be the first place you check for a product you intend to create.

Create Digital Products Using Free Tools

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Python Programming

Input and Output

No program would be complete is it didn’t have a way to receive input from the user.

To receive input from the user in the Python programming language, we use the input() function.

The input() function is assigned to a value called a variable. Text is placed in between the brackets which serve as a prompt for the user.

Receiving input in the Python programming language.

The code above shows how to receive a value from the user. The value is then stored in a variable called name.

The value inside the name variable can then be printed out to the screen.


Concatenation in Python

Concatenation is the joining of strings. In the Python programming language, the “+” is the concatenation operator.

In the example above, when you have a number, you must convert it to a string before you can concatenate it.

Function Overloading

length = input("Please enter the length of the square: ")
length = int(length)
area = length * length
print("The area of a square of length", length, "is", area)

Above is a simple program to find the area of a square. On line 2, the value received by the user is converted into an integer.

On line 4 when we print the output, we get the following output:

Note that the output has added spaces whereas, in the original program, we had none.

Overloading simply means that there are many ways to call a function.

Learn Python in One Week

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Book Review

How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

Welcome to a new week. With the Coronavirus situation under control in Nigeria, life begins anew. We are passed the two weeks window for the index case.

I had the opportunity to read How Europe Underdeveloped Africa written by Walter Rodney again.

The summary of the method was through the exploitation of land and labour.

If you understand that, then you understand everything about the book.

Through the process of slavery, colonialism, and neo-colonialism, the resources on the African continent were transferred to Europe.

What is sad is that today, China is on the prowl. In the past week, a Chinese restaurant was closed down because Nigerians were not allowed to eat on the premises.

Personally, I have no taste for Chinese food. But a situation where Nigerians can be maltreated in their own country is unacceptable.

The opportunity in our time is that we have the wisdom of the past. We don’t need to make the mistakes our forbears made.