Article Review

The Troubling Afterlife Of Electrical And Electronic Equipment

This is a review of an article by TechCabal on how the current practices of waste disposal of electronic goods is causing damage to the environment.

The article paints a chilling picture of how the effects of man are making the world we living dangerous for all of us.

It is a chilling read and reader discretion is advised. I see no happy ending if trends continue as they are.

When you are done reading the article, you cannot but think about how the electronic devices you use will end up.

Make Money Online


The part key to making money online is to be able to receive your money in your local currency.

If you live in a country like Nigeria, your options in getting paid online are limited because of the reputation of the “Nigerian Prince”.

So you can forget about PayPal although you can use it to send money outside the country, you cannot receive money in Nigeria using PayPal.

An alternative you can consider for receiving payments online is Payoneer.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a global payment platform that empowers businesses, online sellers and freelancers to pay and get paid globally as easily as they do locally.

The first roadblock I faced as a writer when I wanted to start selling books on Amazon was the means for receiving my money in Nigeria.

My search for alternatives would lead me to Payoneer. I would link my Amazon account to my Payoneer by Electronic Fund Transfer and every month, I see the sales from my books on Amazon reflected in my Payoneer account.

Where Can You Use Payoneer in Nigeria?

The most popular use-case for Payoneer in Nigeria is on freelance websites. The trend of working from home is slowly growing in Nigeria.

Thanks to Payoneer, freelancers can cash out their earnings by sending them to a local bank.

My own use case for selling on Amazon is more of an outlier. However, the integration of the two services helps me collect my earnings in Naira.


The options for making money online in Nigeria have grown in the last decade.

This article has looked at how to receive payments in Nigeria with Payoneer.

Do you make money online? How do you do it? Please let me know in the comments below.

State of the Nation

Incompetence Leading to Tragedy

Incompetence, leading to tragedy is a constant theme in contemporary Nigeria. May Nigeria’s incompetence not kill you today or tomorrow.

Onye Nkuzi

Welcome to a new month. January couldn’t seem to finish fast enough from January to January Pro then January Max.

This post is a review of the 4th week of the year. The above quote is an apt way to describe a month that took a toll on Nigerians.

Lagos bans Okadas and Tricycles

Proving that in Turn by Turn Nigeria Ltd, it is not your portion until it is your turn to feel how political uncertainty can kill your business, it was the turn of the Okada riders and Tricycle operators in Lagos to experience this.

In a shocking statement, the Government banned all of them. This comes after all the hoops they had to pass through last year proving that the government has no consideration for the citizens.

The wide-ranging consequence of this action means that for possibly the next 5 years, expect the Foreign Direct Investment into Nigeria to reduce.

Here are some reactions:

It’s the failure of same government to provide enabling environment for a proper integrated mass transport system in a mega city like Lagos that allowed the abnormal to become the normal. Motor bikes are not an acceptable means of mass transportation in sane climes. The Lagos light rail project has been abandoned after being looted. Water transportation offers huge potentials with the lucrative value chain. Lagos roads despite the over stretched traffic remain largely sub standard in quality and durability. These gaps brought about Okada, ORide, Gokada etc. The sad part is the government keeps acting in a reactive mode and not proactive. What’s the plan for a comprehensive integrated mass transport system in Lagos? Nobody having is this critical conversation.

Niyi Olaloku

Lagos is no different from the rest of Nigeria. The arbitrariness, the change of policy on a whim. This is the equivalent of “banning the importation of tomato paste”, then “unbanning it”. Nigeria is run by rent seekers, not those with any knowledge of “economic planning”.

Onye Nkuzi

What we hate in Operation Amotekun – MURIC

Proving once and again that we have reached a new low in the society, MURIC had an opinion on the recently commissioned Amotekun.

You don’t need any more evidence than that to know that you live in a failed state.

NYSC DG confirms N33,000 allowance for Corps members

Most announcements in Nigeria are only for show. So I will wait until I can confirm this to rejoice.

However, last week the NYSC DG confirmed the N33,000 for Corps members.

Coronavirus: Nigerian govt makes no plan for citizens in China

You need no further evidence that you are on your own that when your country will not to your aid in a foreign country.

In a week that saw a lot of foreign nations pull out their citizens from China, the Nigerian government confirmed that it had no plans to do the same for its own citizens.

Lagos Govt, Chinese Embassy Agree To Quarantine Returning Chinese Citizens

The two governments have agreed to quarantine returning Chinese citizens.

Most Chinese citizens will be returning to Nigeria this week after going home for the Chinese new year.

Trump Administration Imposes New Travel Restrictions on Six Countries

The bad news continues to filter in as the US just imposed some travel restrictions on Nigeria. This doesn’t come as a surprise with the rising state of insecurity in the country, this was always an expected outcome.

Sadly the road that led here was paved by American support for the current adminstration although under a different President.

Alawode-James, OlaJumoke

Alawode-James, OlaJumoke made a summary of the events in the nation in the last five years.

It reads like a script from a horror movie.

If you doubt the role of leadership, you would do well to watch this video clip.

How Leadership Affects Outcomes no Matter how dire the Situation
Words on Marble

Captain America Avengers Endgame Speech

Five years ago, we lost.
All of us. We lost friends.
We lost family.
We lost a part of ourselves.
Today, we have a chance to take it all back.
You know your teams, you know your missions.
Get the stones, get them back.
One round trip each.
No mistakes.
No do-overs.
Most of us are going somewhere we know.
But it doesn’t mean we should know what to expect.
Be careful.
Look out for each other.
This is the fight of our lives.
And we’re gonna win.
Whatever it takes.

Words on Marble

Bringing an Idea to Life

It starts with an idea
And then comes the itch
The desire to solve a problem
The need to bring an idea to life
To create something and share it with the world


I found this words here.