Coronavirus Vaccine

Last week, some French doctors drew outrage when they suggested that a Coronavirus vaccine should be tested in Africa first.

For a rebuttal, Didier Drogba and Samuel Eto would speak up. Therein lies the problem with the entire issue.

Africans are always the ones who go into a gunfight with a knife. We choose feelings over intellect and then complain rather than reflect when we lose.

The rest of the world focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) while Africans are focussed on Religion, Entertainment, Sports and Tradition (REST).

As a result of this, the whole world keeps making progress while we Africans remain behind but demand to be treated with respect.

If anyone should have answered, it should have been an African doctor, not men whose only contribution to the universe was the chasing of a round ball for 90 minutes.

Since we are all going to fool around, please let me present my own vaccine.

Banga Soup and Pounded Yam

What Did Your Church Do For You During the Lockdown?

If you fail under pressure, your strength is too small.

Proverbs 24:10
New Living Translation

My parents founded a church in 1988. Then it was called First Baptist Church Ipaja and was under the J.T Ayorinde association.

When the church would gain independence from its mother church, it would then be called Faith Foundation Baptist Church. Today, it has been renamed to Berachah Baptist Church.

Today is Palm Sunday. It is also Day 6 of the Lagos Lockdown. The church body would distribute foodstuffs to all the members of the church in the Iyana, Ipaja vicinity.

The tomatoes and pepper were separated into two baskets as shown below:

Tomatoes and Pepper

The foodstuffs were not much compared to what my family had already stocked up for the lockdown. However, the church has won a place in my heart for this action.

In times of crisis, words fail and only action remains. When the crisis passes, the memory of what was done lingers.

The Lagos Lockdown will change the face of religion in Nigeria. No one knows how the whole scenario will play out but when it is all said and done, people will remember who did what.

Tell your Pastor this.

Lockdown Chronicles

Lagos Lockdown Day 5

This picture speaks to me on so many levels. It brays about the quota system in Nigeria. Speaks about leadership in Nigeria. It speaks of the COVID19 pandemic and people’s refusal, inability, to self-isolate.

Chiekezi Dozie

Today marks Day 5 of the Lagos Lockdown. Today I would go across the street to buy credit for my phone. It would be my first time out of my house since the lockdown began.

The lead image was chosen because the of the conversation I had with a man from Kano state.

I am still aghast that we are said to belong to the same nation as the Northerners. This contraption by the British cannot last.

There was electricity for a while and my neighbour switched off her generator. I was able to get some much-needed sleep.

The lights are off now and we are running on generator. I am sincerely hoping that the lockdown is not extended.

Enforcement of the lockdown in the Northern part of Nigeria has seen violent clashes. For as long as I can remember, the North has been the problem of the whole country.


COVID Tales from Kano State

Today marks Day 5 of the Lagos Lockdown. Today would be the first time I would step out of the house. I needed to buy data.

On entering the area, the security man was greeted by an “Aboki”. The “Aboki” was entering the estate to buy scrap metal. When asked by the security guard why he wasn’t observing the lockdown, he would provide insight into the perception of the average Nigerian on the Coronavirus.

The man I met is from Kano State. He told me that although the governor gave a directive in the state, prayers are still ongoing. As a result of this, people come from Kaduna state where prayers have stopped to pray in Kano state.

The Imam of Kano state argued that he was yet to meet anyone who had been infected by the Coronavirus. With the reputation of the average Northerner for violence, any attempt to disrupt the prayers would end in violence.

The “Aboki” believes that the Coronavirus is just a way to steal money. He mentioned all the donations made and the fact that they had already been stolen.

Then he dropped the bomb: “What does the government do for me?” At that point, I was flabbergasted. I didn’t have a response. I just shook his hand and walked away.

At that moment, I realised that the average Nigerian sees hunger, poverty, and Malaria as a bigger threat to his life than the Coronavirus.

Python Programming

Statements and Expressions

Computers as machines deal work with data. Data is processed by the computer under the control of a program.

The program takes the data as input, processes it and produces an output.

The code that powers the programs does so using statements and expressions.


A statement is an instruction that tells the computer to do something. They carry out an action in the code for a computer program.

On Day 1, you used the assignment statement. The assignment statement is represented by “=”. When you created a variable, the assignment statement is used to set its value.

An assignment statement associates a value with a variable.

Another assignment statement we have seen so far is the print statement. The print statement displays a value placed within it by the user.


An expression is a piece of code that returns data. Expressions are a sequence of values, joined by operators that can be simplified to other values.

For example, 2 + 2 is an expression representing the value 4.

Expressions are evaluated by the Python interpreter. If you type in an expression into the Python interpreter, it evaluates it and displays the result.

Statements and expressions in the Python programming language

The first line is an expression that has a value of 5. When 1 + 1 is added, we get 2 so that is also an expression.

x = 5 is the assignment statement in action. x = x + 1 will take the current value in x on the right-hand side and add 1 to it. Then assign that value back to x.

The print statement displays the value in the x variable which is 6.