A Thread on Benin Bronzes

I found this thread on Edo artefacts on Twitter. It made me proud to originate from Edo state.

Check it out here.


Edocated Initiative is Organising Her 6th Seminar on Edo Culture

Edocated Initiative is organising her 6th seminar on Edo culture titled: “Morning Salutations in Edo”. Morning salutations are called “Ukhu” in Benin and are peculiar only to the Edo people.

One of the reasons you have to be at the seminar, is to know the story behind your “Ukhu” and to understand its links to your lineage.

Salutations are a practice that are peculiar and significant to the Edo people basically because of the role they play in unifying the people, linking them to their ancestry and also allowing people to easily identify their relatives through their “Ukhu”. In the olden days people could easily identify non-indigenes or slaves in their midst.

The “Ukhu” preserves every family’s story passing it from generation to generation. Also the Edo people also used their “Ukhu” to show their loyalty or disloyalty. Greeting “Ukhu” is also a mark of respect for one’s elders.

Different topics to be covered at the seminar include:

  • Identifying the Family Morning Salutations in Edo
  • Edo Language and Meanings of the Different Morning Salutations in Edo
  • The Origin of Morning Salutations in Edo
  • Responding to Salutations (Ukhu) in Edo
  • Significance of the Edo Morning Salutation in the contemporary world
  • Strategies to help Families Teach and Preserve Edo Morning Salutations

Through this event Edocated Initiative intends to reawaken and preserve this age long tradition and drive home its importance, especially among young people.

About Edocated Initiative

Edocated Initiative is an NGO dedicated to reviving and promoting the traditions, history, values, arts and culture, of the Edo nation.

Training Programs

Digital Women Bootcamp Cohort II

In pursuance of her mission to increase the representation of African women in Tech , promote retention and close the skills gap for women in tech careers, #MumsWhoCode is happy to announce that the application window for Digital Women Bootcamp (Cohort II) is now open.

This virtual bootcamp is designed to equip women especially mums with tech skills for inclusive tech participation, career boost and economic benefits.

We seek to raise more awareness, encourage the entry and retention of more women in tech careers by providing digital skills training to women in Nigeria and other Anglophone African countries.

Training Period: November 14th, 2021 – January 28th, 2022
(including a 2-week break between 18th December and 6th January).

Prospective applicants should note the following:

  1. This bootcamp is targeted at women between 22- 44 years of age
  2. A functional laptop computer is an important requirement for the coding classes
  3. Attendance is mandatory for all live virtual classes
  4. Beneficiaries would be required to submit a capstone project
  5. Beneficiaries can only sign-up for one training track

Application Link :

To volunteer as a facilitator, click here

For sponsorship and other enquiries, kindly mail:

Product Launch

When is Eken

One area I have a secret love for is African heritage, history and culture. So it is always a delight whenever I see a project along those lines.

One such project is When is Eken. Eken in Bini culture refers to the day of rest. Unlike the Gregorian calendar that uses a 7-day week, the Bini calendar uses a 4-day week.

Eken is so respected in Bini culture that people do not conduct traditional marriages and burials on that day.

When is Eken was developed by Judy Imasuen a lawyer with an interest in Technology Law, Intellectual Property, Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence. Before becoming a lawyer, she worked as a developer.

It is an automated solution for the manual task of calculating Eken days. It is based on the traditional Bini calendar.

The first time Judy Imasuen heard about Eken was when her aunt died. The prohibition on the burial of her aunt on an Eken day piqued her interest.

The next time would be during the death of her grand-father. Members of her family were searching for a suitable date for the burial so they needed to know the Eken days. The dearth of materials online led her to consider developing a solution for it.

When is Eken actually started off as a tool for her personal use. I am grateful that she has decided to share it with the world.

Training Programs

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