Benin Expedition of 1897 – 123 Years Anniversary

My name is Ailende Truston Oiselenjakhian. I am an Esan man from Edo state Nigeria.

Today marks 123 years since the Benin Expedition of 1897. It effectively ended the reign of the Benin empire.

My ancestors would keep fighting for 9 more years. Until 1906 when they would finally surrender to the British.

My great grandfather would fight in that war his story becoming part of my family’s history.

Ojiemuada -> Iyoha -> Ailende -> Oiselenjakhian

That is my family line. I remember because he was one of the last to surrender.

Ironically, today Edo state is under invasion from the Fulani. It is hoped that the government will intervene to solve the problem.

State of the Nation

The Federal Republic of Merry Go Round

Today’s victims were yesterday’s survivors and tomorrow’s victims would be today’s survivors. WHO’S NEXT?

Aisha Yesufu

As the week started, I really hoped that incompetence would not lead to tragedy.

Sadly that was not to be the case as the Lagos state government stood its ground on the ban of Okadas and Tricycles.

This post is a review of all the major events in the 5th month of the year in Nigeria.

Fulani Herdsmen have Taken over Urhonigbe Community

The video below was taken from Urhonigbe community in Edo state. I would be grateful if you share it.

Fulani Herdsmen have Taken over Urhonigbe Community

White House Owner Killed

One of the biggest evidence of state failure is the absence of law and order in a community.

The owner of White House a popular eating place in Sabo, Yaba was killed.

According to the report, he was killed because he reported a robbery at his house to the police.

The implication of this is that our security services have been compromised. This is one of the many instances that gives rise to jungle justice in Nigeria.

Transportation Master Plan

In a country that works, strategy documents are meant for the public like the case of Ottawa, Canada.

The much-touted Lagos Master Plan is nowhere in site leading me to believe that it is an audio document.

In light of the recent ban on Okadas and Tricycles in Lagos state, Primero Transport Services has raised a bond.

It is no surprise that the names in that article are from a family that has been in control of the state since 1999.

School Pupil Killed By Stray Bullet As Transport Union Hijacks Okada Ban Protest In Lagos

It was inevitable that the ban would be taken lightly. The backlash from the public meant that protest burst out across the state.

Most disheartening was the story of the girl who got shot. A totally avoidable situation if palliatives were put in place before the ban.

Bandits shoot down a Nigerian police helicopter in Kaduna

You know it is bad when bandits can down a helicopter near your country’s capital.

Atlas, that is where we are as a nation. This happened in an operation where the police claimed that 250 bandits were killed but no bodies were paraded.

Occupy Lagos protesters storm Eko Atlantic over Okada ban

Although the day coincided with the Lagos Marathon, Lagosians came out to protest the ban.

According to the organizers of #OccupyLagos, this is the first of many protests on the recent ban which is causing untold hardship on commuters in the state.

Eat the poor to save Nigeria: My political party manifesto

Let’s we end on a sad note, do consider this satirical piece on how bad government policies affect the poor.

And thus ends the fifth week. In a nation that has become reminiscent of one week one trouble, it was a long and tiring week.

See you next week.

Book Review

The Destruction of Black Civilisation

This book by Chancellor Williams reads like a horror movie. It starts off from a period where only Africans inhabit the whole of Africa to the modern-day.

Throughout the book, we are taken on a journey on how African civilization has been attacked by invaders.

One constant remains throughout the book: The moment Europeans or Asians were allowed into African communities, their decline was inevitable.

We see evidence throughout the course of the book as the author looks at how various kingdoms are destroyed over the course of history.

If the book stopped at that point, it would have been a remarkable read.

However, the Chancellor goes the extra mile by presenting a plan for the African community to rebuild itself.

The tragedy of African decimation does not have to remain a tragedy if readers of this book decide to work with their fellow Africans to rebuild.

That is the real challenge presented in the book.

Article Review

The Troubling Afterlife Of Electrical And Electronic Equipment

This is a review of an article by TechCabal on how the current practices of waste disposal of electronic goods is causing damage to the environment.

The article paints a chilling picture of how the effects of man are making the world we living dangerous for all of us.

It is a chilling read and reader discretion is advised. I see no happy ending if trends continue as they are.

When you are done reading the article, you cannot but think about how the electronic devices you use will end up.

Make Money Online


The part key to making money online is to be able to receive your money in your local currency.

If you live in a country like Nigeria, your options in getting paid online are limited because of the reputation of the “Nigerian Prince”.

So you can forget about PayPal although you can use it to send money outside the country, you cannot receive money in Nigeria using PayPal.

An alternative you can consider for receiving payments online is Payoneer.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a global payment platform that empowers businesses, online sellers and freelancers to pay and get paid globally as easily as they do locally.

The first roadblock I faced as a writer when I wanted to start selling books on Amazon was the means for receiving my money in Nigeria.

My search for alternatives would lead me to Payoneer. I would link my Amazon account to my Payoneer by Electronic Fund Transfer and every month, I see the sales from my books on Amazon reflected in my Payoneer account.

Where Can You Use Payoneer in Nigeria?

The most popular use-case for Payoneer in Nigeria is on freelance websites. The trend of working from home is slowly growing in Nigeria.

Thanks to Payoneer, freelancers can cash out their earnings by sending them to a local bank.

My own use case for selling on Amazon is more of an outlier. However, the integration of the two services helps me collect my earnings in Naira.


The options for making money online in Nigeria have grown in the last decade.

This article has looked at how to receive payments in Nigeria with Payoneer.

Do you make money online? How do you do it? Please let me know in the comments below.