Maths Magic Devlog

Hard Decisions

So I have made up my mind to just finish Maths Magic with or without Motion Graphics.

There is the need to just get this game across the finish line so that I can move on to the next one.

At the moment work on Maths Magic has stopped due to my busy schedule during the holidays.

At the end of the day, nonsense is better than nothing.

Maths Magic Devlog

Motion Graphics

At this point, the logic for Maths Magic is finished. All that remains is to add magic to the game.

Add magic is hard because it requires active use of the imagination. In the first ever version of Maths Magic, there was no need for motion graphics.

It felt like something was missing so hence the need to add it to this version.

The task is to add some sort of animation every time the user gets the sum of the numbers right.

So far, I am unable to come up with an animation. However I am confident that I will figure it out.

Maths Magic Devlog


Sometimes on the road to success, there are setbacks. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting any during the creation of Maths Magic as I felt that I had already finished the game prototype but alas.

The screen of the hardware device of my graphics designer got cracked and there is nothing I can do except wait for him to get it fixed.

So I am doing my research on how to create the animations needed to complete the game. The user interface part will have to wait for the designer.

Its kind of funny that the final 10 percent is taking longer than the initial 90 percent.

Maths Magic Devlog

Code Refactoring

As at today, the code for Maths Magic is completed. However, I cannot show it to the world because although the maths is in the game, I am unable to add magic to it.

Adding magic to a game is hard. It’s those little bits of animation that bring delight to a user.

Adding magic involves animation which I currently don’t know how to do in the Phaser game engine.

But I am happy with the progress made. Code refactoring has started. Code refactoring is the act of removing code that is repetitious and replacing it as appropriate.

Its a way to clean up a messy program. The code for Maths Magic was hacked rather than planned so although it worked, it wasn’t as elegant as it could be.

After multiple code reviews, I am happy with the code refactoring. Maths Magic still works pretty much the same.


Travel Advisory

Below is a video that contains a warning about the wisdom of not collecting items from people for whatsoever reason when you are travelling.

It is better to be mean and protect yourself than to be nice and lose your life.

Thankfully it ended well for the person in question. She leaves wiser. Some are not so lucky.