Maths Magic Devlog

Game UI

In the past week, I got a graphics designer to work on the user interface of Maths Magic the result of which you can see above.

Compare this with the first user interface of Maths Magic and you will agree with me that progress has been made.

A loading screen and a splash screen have been created and I have figured out how to add a font.

With that, the game screen has been completed. All that is left is to add the functionality needed to make the game work.

I will be revamping the work to add all the sprites into a sprite-sheet like was done for the prototype.

Maths Magic Devlog

Logo Created

Last week, I began work on my first game after a long time of not programming: Maths Magic.

I found an amazing graphics designer to look at the prototype of the game and come up with a design for the game.

The result of which you can see above. It is truly a work of art.

At the moment, I am writing the code for the game all over again to make sure that the game I will release will be a work of skill and magic.

Maths Magic Devlog

Maths Magic

A lifetime ago, I worked as a game developer. It was a wild time. Monetization of games were a pain point and the game engines currently available today were not in existence or were not mature enough.

Despite that, I developed Maths Magic in 2012. This month, I decided to develop a version for the web.

The major constraints that are face are that I am new to the game engine I am using and I don’t know JavaScript.

This is me diving head first into building this game. Later on in the year, I intend to release it.

Do I plan to reopen the game studio? Yes.

However, the way I see it, at a worse case I would have a portfolio of work to be proud of.

You can view the original demo here.

At the moment, I am struggling with getting the timer to work. I don’t know Phaser which is the game engine I am using so working on the timer(s) the game will need is a real pain.

Have a great weekend.


SystemSpecs Essay Competition

If you are just reading this, I admit that it may be kind of late for your child/ward to enter the competition. If you can, get them to enter the competition although the deadline is tomorrow.

You can find out more by visiting the link for the competition.

Product Launch


If you follow Fintech in Nigeria with keen interest, you will see that it seems that start-ups are beginning to look like clones of each other making you dismiss any other Fintech start-up as a clone of Flutterwave.

However, ZeddPay is different. It is an exciting start-up powering payments via airtime.

ZeddPay allows you to convert airtime to cash, transfer cash to other users and make payments with a virtual card.

Developed by the 16 year old Pleasant, ZeddPay is currently in beta. I consider myself fortunate to have discovered the start-up via this tweet:

At the moment, there are no APIs for developer integrations but Pleasant is on to something sweet.