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Maths Magic

A lifetime ago, I worked as a game developer. It was a wild time. Monetization of games were a pain point and the game engines currently available today were not in existence or were not mature enough.

Despite that, I developed Maths Magic in 2012. This month, I decided to develop a version for the web.

The major constraints that are face are that I am new to the game engine I am using and I don’t know JavaScript.

This is me diving head first into building this game. Later on in the year, I intend to release it.

Do I plan to reopen the game studio? Yes.

However, the way I see it, at a worse case I would have a portfolio of work to be proud of.

You can view the original demo here.

At the moment, I am struggling with getting the timer to work. I don’t know Phaser which is the game engine I am using so working on the timer(s) the game will need is a real pain.

Have a great weekend.

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