Lockdown Chronicles

Lagos Lockdown

After months of Nigerians clamouring that the President should address the nation, yesterday the address finally came.

At the end of the address, the President would place a curfew on Lagos, Abuja and Ogun states.

Today, like in all the countries where the Presidents give addresses, the panic started.

ATMs where filled with long queues as people wanted to stock up on cash. Petrol stations would witness a rush as people needed to stock up on fuel.

In Nigeria, power cuts are an everyday reality. My family had already stuck up on food so I had to buy fuel today. I would buy more that I normally did because my sister would drive me to the petrol station.

Somehow, some of the fuel poured out as the car was bringing it back home.

Now I am ready for the lockdown. I will be posting everyday. This whole saga was poorly handled.

As a nation, we had 50 years to prepare for this but sadly we failed woefully.

The Lockdown will start today at 11 pm. Let the Lockdown begin.

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