Lockdown Chronicles

Lagos Lockdown Day 4

A pretty uneventful day on my end. I stayed home the whole day. Apart from my neighbour whose generator is still on despite the electricity being back on, I don’t have much to complain about.

Nigerians leaders have shown that they lack creativity or imagination. All the other nations that implemented lockdowns have functioning infrastructure.

This lady describes the pain of staying at home with a blackout. I remember that we had to throw away a pot of soup at home.

Remember the incident in Warri, well a punitive mission is on the way. The soldiers have made a video stating their intentions to rape the women in the state.

Sad because anyone who knows the story of the atrocities of the army in Asaba during the Nigerian civil war would be distraught.

There is talk about the lockdown being extended but I hope not.

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