Lockdown Chronicles

Lagos Lockdown Day 11

Today marks the 11th Day of the Lagos Lockdown. For me it has been a time of emotional torture.

We didn’t have electricity for two days. The neighbors were all in a contest to outlast each others with their generators. My head got pounded for 2 days before the light came on.

This article covers the general position of most Nigerians on the Lagos Lockdown. Rather than continue staying at home, most of us want to take our chances with the virus.

Myself included. Everyday we stay at home, we get poorer. I am lucky that I can write for a living but the majority of people live from hand to mouth.

The so called handouts were shared to the “vulnerable”. How it is possible that their details are missing is somehow beyond me.

Thankfully, the reality of living in Nigeria is dawning on most Nigerians.

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