Maths Magic Devlog

Code Refactoring

As at today, the code for Maths Magic is completed. However, I cannot show it to the world because although the maths is in the game, I am unable to add magic to it.

Adding magic to a game is hard. It’s those little bits of animation that bring delight to a user.

Adding magic involves animation which I currently don’t know how to do in the Phaser game engine.

But I am happy with the progress made. Code refactoring has started. Code refactoring is the act of removing code that is repetitious and replacing it as appropriate.

Its a way to clean up a messy program. The code for Maths Magic was hacked rather than planned so although it worked, it wasn’t as elegant as it could be.

After multiple code reviews, I am happy with the code refactoring. Maths Magic still works pretty much the same.

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