Words on Marble

Captain America Avengers Endgame Speech

Five years ago, we lost.
All of us. We lost friends.
We lost family.
We lost a part of ourselves.
Today, we have a chance to take it all back.
You know your teams, you know your missions.
Get the stones, get them back.
One round trip each.
No mistakes.
No do-overs.
Most of us are going somewhere we know.
But it doesn’t mean we should know what to expect.
Be careful.
Look out for each other.
This is the fight of our lives.
And we’re gonna win.
Whatever it takes.

Words on Marble

Bringing an Idea to Life

It starts with an idea
And then comes the itch
The desire to solve a problem
The need to bring an idea to life
To create something and share it with the world


I found this words here.

Words on Marble

Let the End Come

Let the end come
There are no safe places left
Nor powers to protect the innocent
Let the end come
If that at the last is inevitable
Let the end come
And bring and end to the tyranny of hope

Words on Marble

Our Consiousness

We have no claws,
We have no fangs,
Our weight is negligible
And so is our strength,
We cannot run as fast
Or climb as high,
We carry no poison,
We do not blend into the environment,
Neither do we fly,
Our hide is fragile.
All we have is our consciousness,
Our most precious gift.

Poem By
OkKevwe on Twitter

Featured Image Credits
Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash