SystemSpecs Essay Competition

If you are just reading this, I admit that it may be kind of late for your child/ward to enter the competition. If you can, get them to enter the competition although the deadline is tomorrow.

You can find out more by visiting the link for the competition.


Surviving the Twitter Ban

Today marks 222 days since Twitter was banned in Nigeria. Thankfully that is now history as the social media network has been unbanned.

On June 5 2021 when the ban went into effect, I had to look for alternatives. Although in possession of a smartphone, I didn’t want to install a VPN on my phone.

This was due to the very valid fear of police crackdowns. As a result of this, the search for a browser-based alternative began.

My search revealed the Opera browser has an in-built VPN so I got the latest version installed on my laptop.

Since then till the present moment, I have been active on Twitter using the browser.

Now that elections are here, the ban has been lifted. From tomorrow, everyone should be able to browse Twitter normally.

Once I confirm this, I intend to install Twitter on my phone again.



Jack Dorsey Resigns from Twitter

The CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey has just resigned.

In this thread you can view his resignation letter on Twitter.


A Thread on Benin Bronzes

I found this thread on Edo artefacts on Twitter. It made me proud to originate from Edo state.

Check it out here.


Twitter Pulse Week 2

Welcome to a new week. The above graph shows the interest in the Canadian Permanent Residence among Nigerians. Take note of the regions where there are spikes in the graph.

The Goodbye Nigeria post led to Nigerians doing the #snowpose on Twitter. Nigerians from countries with winter took pictures of themselves in the snow.

Elegushi Beach

COVID-19 is in Lagos. Disregarding all warnings by the government, Lagosians stormed the beach on the first Sunday of the year. You can view the picture below:

Elegushi Beach

Such as situation is the ideal environment for the Coronavirus to be spread and some of the beach goers have now tested positive.

Elegushi Beach Aftermath

Panti After Party

The government with view to curbing the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus has placed an embargo on clubs, bars and restaurants.

Sadly, Lagosians didn’t heed the warnings and some of them were caught by the Lagos State Taskforce.

Party Goers
Panti After Party

FG to Borrow Dormant Account Balance

Dormant Accounts

As part of measures to shore up the national purse, the Federal Government has started borrowing from dormant accounts.

DNA Testing

After the FCMB Scandal, Twitter NG was buzzing with reasons why men should do DNA Testing.

Most heart-wrenching is the story below:

Family Feud I
Family Feud II
Family Feud III

Code of Conduct

How bad the level of poverty in Nigeria is can be felt by the code of conduct of a supermarket in Port-harcourt.

You can read this below:

Code of Conduct 1
Code of Conduct 2
Code of Conduct 3

As you can see for yourself, this isn’t a code of conduct, it is the terms of slavery.