Book Review

How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

Welcome to a new week. With the Coronavirus situation under control in Nigeria, life begins anew. We are passed the two weeks window for the index case.

I had the opportunity to read How Europe Underdeveloped Africa written by Walter Rodney again.

The summary of the method was through the exploitation of land and labour.

If you understand that, then you understand everything about the book.

Through the process of slavery, colonialism, and neo-colonialism, the resources on the African continent were transferred to Europe.

What is sad is that today, China is on the prowl. In the past week, a Chinese restaurant was closed down because Nigerians were not allowed to eat on the premises.

Personally, I have no taste for Chinese food. But a situation where Nigerians can be maltreated in their own country is unacceptable.

The opportunity in our time is that we have the wisdom of the past. We don’t need to make the mistakes our forbears made.

Book Review

The Destruction of Black Civilisation

This book by Chancellor Williams reads like a horror movie. It starts off from a period where only Africans inhabit the whole of Africa to the modern-day.

Throughout the book, we are taken on a journey on how African civilization has been attacked by invaders.

One constant remains throughout the book: The moment Europeans or Asians were allowed into African communities, their decline was inevitable.

We see evidence throughout the course of the book as the author looks at how various kingdoms are destroyed over the course of history.

If the book stopped at that point, it would have been a remarkable read.

However, the Chancellor goes the extra mile by presenting a plan for the African community to rebuild itself.

The tragedy of African decimation does not have to remain a tragedy if readers of this book decide to work with their fellow Africans to rebuild.

That is the real challenge presented in the book.

Article Review

The Troubling Afterlife Of Electrical And Electronic Equipment

This is a review of an article by TechCabal on how the current practices of waste disposal of electronic goods is causing damage to the environment.

The article paints a chilling picture of how the effects of man are making the world we living dangerous for all of us.

It is a chilling read and reader discretion is advised. I see no happy ending if trends continue as they are.

When you are done reading the article, you cannot but think about how the electronic devices you use will end up.

This is why conservation is a must we owe future generations a world that is safe and better than the one we met.

It will call for concerted action on the part of governments and world leaders.

In Africa, Rwanda is leading in this regard by the ban on plastics. A lot more needs to be done to address the menace of pollution.

Article Review

The Rwandan Prescription for Depression

This is a review of  Rwandans decided to deal with the trauma caused by the genocide.

You can read the full article here.

Trauma refers to a wound of the soul. Like all wounds, it takes time to recover from trauma.

The survivors of the 1994 genocide would be weighted down be depression.

Rather than use the methods typical with Western psychology, the methods in this story focused on going “Outside Yourself”.

So the priority was the outdoors and the community.

A great reminder that all we have to do to break out of a rut is to get out of the building.

Article Review

They Write the Right Stuff

This is a review of how software is written by the On-board Shuttle Group on Fast Company.

Given how pervasive software is in our everyday life, what the group achieves with the software that powers shuttle launches is absolutely amazing.

The software for shuttle launches must be as perfect as possible.

Lives are at stake and millions will be lost if anything goes wrong.

To achieve this, there process is designed to not rely on an one individual.

It is the synergy of individual efforts that guarantee the required level of perfection.

Sadly, the rest of the software engineering profession is devoid of this discipline.

I should know because I too used to be a cowboy coder.

But like the article says: “When you have to write perfect software instead of software that’s just good enough — then it’s time to grow up”.