Product Launch


If you follow Fintech in Nigeria with keen interest, you will see that it seems that start-ups are beginning to look like clones of each other making you dismiss any other Fintech start-up as a clone of Flutterwave.

However, ZeddPay is different. It is an exciting start-up powering payments via airtime.

ZeddPay allows you to convert airtime to cash, transfer cash to other users and make payments with a virtual card.

Developed by the 16 year old Pleasant, ZeddPay is currently in beta. I consider myself fortunate to have discovered the start-up via this tweet:

At the moment, there are no APIs for developer integrations but Pleasant is on to something sweet.

Product Launch

When is Eken

One area I have a secret love for is African heritage, history and culture. So it is always a delight whenever I see a project along those lines.

One such project is When is Eken. Eken in Bini culture refers to the day of rest. Unlike the Gregorian calendar that uses a 7-day week, the Bini calendar uses a 4-day week.

Eken is so respected in Bini culture that people do not conduct traditional marriages and burials on that day.

When is Eken was developed by Judy Imasuen a lawyer with an interest in Technology Law, Intellectual Property, Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence. Before becoming a lawyer, she worked as a developer.

It is an automated solution for the manual task of calculating Eken days. It is based on the traditional Bini calendar.

The first time Judy Imasuen heard about Eken was when her aunt died. The prohibition on the burial of her aunt on an Eken day piqued her interest.

The next time would be during the death of her grand-father. Members of her family were searching for a suitable date for the burial so they needed to know the Eken days. The dearth of materials online led her to consider developing a solution for it.

When is Eken actually started off as a tool for her personal use. I am grateful that she has decided to share it with the world.

Product Launch

MTN to launch Chenosis API Marketplace for Developers

Yesterday, while I was on Twitter, the news about the Chenosis API Marketplace would break out.

As someone who once tried to do a Nigerian API Directory, I understood the importance of what had just happened.

MTN has launched Chenosis as a place where developers, entrepreneurs and businesses can create, publish, discover and subscribe to APIs from across the continent with ease on a single platform. The goal is to create a one stop marketplace for the entire continent.

Chenosis provides access to a broad market of API products and services across telecommunications, health, government, financial services, entertainment, and more.

Chenosis is an independent API Marketplace with an arms-length relationship with the MTN brand so that it remains open to all mobile network operators, fintech start-ups, payment service providers, mobile wallet operators, financial service providers, and more

The Chenosis Marketplace will be open to the public from 10 August 2020. It will be exciting to see the apps that come out of the marketplace.