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MOOC 13 is Just Around the Corner!

One of the earliest post on this blog was my triumph with the Introduction to Digital Currencies MOOC by the University of Nicosia.

I was in MOOC 12. Yesterday, I got an email that MOOC 13 would be starting on Monday the 20th of January.

If you are interested, you can sign up here.

Once you sign up, you will get a call from Cyprus probably within the week if they haven’t changed their policy.

Being Nigerian, at the time, that was jarring.

Once you decide on this path, prepare for 3 months of intensive study.

You can read about my experiences here.

Personal Development

DFIN 511: Introducton to Digital Currencies


On September 9th 2019, the 12th class of the MOOC Introduction to Digital Currencies would hold.

This course is offered by the University of Nicosia in Cyprus.

This post is a look at my journey to finishing one of the longest online courses that I have ever taken.

Getting Started

I would first hear about the course in the Blockchain Nigeria User Group.

The Blockchain Nigeria User Group is the definitive Telegram group for all things Blockchain in Nigeria.

You can click here to join the group.

It is sort of a requirement to have finished the Digital Currencies course in the group although not a hard one.

The success of the group in getting people into this course was one reason for the large number of Nigerians that would take the course as seen from the image below:

Student Demographics MOOC 12

So I would start the course with all the excitement I needed.


My Grandfather Burial Poster

My grandfather had died in June this year. However, despite the fact that my mother was his first child, the burial couldn’t hold until the month of September when his first son (her junior brother) had given his approval.

The stress and strain from that period would make me regret signing up for the course.

However, I couldn’t withdraw from the course without losing face so I made a decision to stay.

By the end of September, we had concluded the funeral which would put a deep hole in the pockets of all the members of the family.

In my culture, its the grandchildren that bury the grandfather.


In the month of October I would finish up from work.

The coding program where I was teaching would be rounding up.

I was tired and needed time to recover from a stressful September.

Grief affects everyone differently. Until my grandfather’s funeral was concluded I was fine.

The finality of it all really got to me.


In the month of November, I would really zone in on the course.

I was way behind so I had to take time off work. I didn’t leave the house for most of the month.

It was a time to mourn and drown myself in work.


The month of December would start with me fearing that I would fail the course.

This is due to the large amount of materials that had to be covered.

I could only go over the materials once.

Being a perfectionist, this would leave me jittery.

I would write the final exams exactly 3 months after I started the course on December 9th.

Once I was done, I would have to wait for the results.

Seeing the results brought me joy.

I had passed with a score of 78%.

Could I have done better?


But I am grateful that all that work was not in vain.


Being successful with the course, I have a chance to do a Masters with the University of Nicosia.

Some member of the Blockchain Nigeria User Group have already signed up.

Personally my life cannot take the workload so I am opting out.

I will remain grateful to the University of Nicosia for the opportunity to learn about Digital Currencies.