Lockdown Chronicles

Lockdown Extended

Today is Easter Monday. It’s been 20 days since the lockdown by the Lagos state government. Then the Federal government added its own on Monday, 30th March by 11 pm. Now the lockdown has been extended by 2 weeks.

It now feels like a situation of war as Nigerians are hit by hunger, armed robbers and the Coronavirus. The Hungervirus is the scariest.

Lockdown Wahala
Nigerians are caught between hunger and the Coronavirus

After the 3 pandemics end, the nation goes on to face the issue of food security as it this is the planting season being spent indoors.

We are faced with a situation close to war as gangs have taken over some parts of Mainland Lagos.

Amidst this situation, we must survive and come out of this ready to rebuild this nation.

It would be a shame to waste crisis.

Take it Online


From next month a lot of Nigerians are going to find out that they are not middle class. They are poor. Some already know this. The lockdown is opening people’s eyes.

William Ukpe

My name is Ailende Truston Oiselenjakhian. I am Esan man from Lagos, Nigeria. As I write this there is a blackout at my family house where I am under lockdown due to the Coronavirus which is ravaging the world as we know it.

I have been on lockdown since March 24 when the current governor of Lagos state Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu issued a lockdown in Lagos state. The Federal government would later declare its own lockdown on March 30th by 11pm.

So far, Lagosians have been locked in for 19 days. My hair and beard are overgrown since I finally have an excuse to grow a beard. I have never had that chance despite having some grey hairs on my head. As a teacher, I have always had to dress to impress parents. Now they don’t matter.

I started this series because of the quote by William Ukpe. If you are on Twitter, you should follow William Ukpe. All I will say about him is that he was in Liberia as a child during the Liberian Civil War.

Even if the lockdown ended on Tuesday, the decimation it has wrought to personal wealth would still be felt. Lives have already been ruined by it. People have become impoverished as a result of the lockdown.

When I saw that quote, I knew I had to help out in anyway I could. My first time out of seclusion was on April 10 when I would do a webinar with the BNUG Group.

So I am writing this series to teach people how to make money online using their talents.

A word of caution. Since April 10, I have noticed a surge in direct messages of various kinds across my social media platforms. As at today, my Facebook notifications are turned off.

The above image is from the Avengers Endgame movie when Tony Stark decides to come back into the fight. We all know he dies. For me, this is the moment when he dies.

Yes, I do allude that I am Tony Stark. Like him, at this point in my life, everyone I care about is safe and sound. I have no need to fight. So I am not doing this for you, my readers.

When my friend advised me, I taught about how I could do what Tony Stark did and still go home alive. My best option for this would be to give everyone the tools they need to build their own suit to fight their war and that is the aim of this series.

According to Praise George, the steps to writing a book are shown below:

How to Write Your Book
How to Write Your Book

Right now, I am on step 5. I cannot promise that a book will come out of this series. Knowing what I know about writing having written 5 books, I hesitate to promise a book.

I have created the book cover using Unsplash and the KDP Book Cover Creator. You can look at the book below:

Take it Online Book Cover
Take it Online Book Cover

My goal with this series is to Educate, Inspire and Empower you to make money online for yourself. Please don’t expect me to fight for you.

I am not doing this for you. My last government project showed me that Nigerians are a selfish and ungrateful people.

I am doing this because I am part of this world and I care about it. Seeing it go to shit bothers me.

I have had to take this road to get you to this point where I can teach you how to make money online because without the right mindset, your skillset or toolset won’t matter.

We all know people who are amazingly talented but can’t seem to go anywhere with their lives you might even be one of them. Without the right attitude, success is unattainable.

Making Money During This Lockdown in Nigeria Using Your Talents

I have been in the industry for over 100 years. In that time, I have read a lot of books. The best writing on this subject in my honest opinion is by Internet Truths. Please visit the site and sign up.

Like all good copywriters, he sells a training course at the end of the book. The extension of the lockdown has since affected that. I, however, recommend the content.

This is a good place to stop. I shall expand more on the topic as we go along.

With the extension of the lockdown indefinitely, crime will rise in the affected states.

My admonition to you is to Take Responsibility.

Lockdown Chronicles

Lagos Lockdown Day 11

Today marks the 11th Day of the Lagos Lockdown. For me it has been a time of emotional torture.

We didn’t have electricity for two days. The neighbors were all in a contest to outlast each others with their generators. My head got pounded for 2 days before the light came on.

This article covers the general position of most Nigerians on the Lagos Lockdown. Rather than continue staying at home, most of us want to take our chances with the virus.

Myself included. Everyday we stay at home, we get poorer. I am lucky that I can write for a living but the majority of people live from hand to mouth.

The so called handouts were shared to the “vulnerable”. How it is possible that their details are missing is somehow beyond me.

Thankfully, the reality of living in Nigeria is dawning on most Nigerians.

Lockdown Chronicles

Lagos Lockdown Day 10

Today marks Day 10 of the Lagos Lockdown. There has been no light all day but the useless NCDC has sent me like 2 SMS on the Coronavirus.

Frankly I no longer care about the Coronavirus. I no longer think there is a virus in Nigeria. I now suspect a plan to steal money.

The Coronavirus continues to threaten to tear the fabric of this world. Recently, the Australian Prime Minister threw Non-Australian citizens under the bus.

This just goes to show that real situations expose fake people.

Lockdown Chronicles

Lagos Lockdown Day 9

Today is Day 9 of the Lagos Lockdown. As at today, the Coronavirus has killed 6 people. However, the Nigerian Army and Police have killed 9 people in the enforcement of the lockdown.

People from the LCDA would go round today to check for sick people. Ironic because where they could not bring food, they were looking for the sick.

There was a fire at the office of the Accountant General of the Federation’s office. I remember the conversation I had with the Aboki that day when he mentioned that it was government business.

I would go to the bank today. If the idea was to make Nigerians broke, they the lockdown has done a good job.

There was no one on the queue. However, they bank only loaded one machine. I was done in 5 minutes.

I hope that the lockdown ends on Monday next week. I am tired of staying home with the blackouts and the noise from generators.