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My Investment Plan

March 22nd, 2018 | by Truston Ailende | Posted in Investment

In the year 2015, I would suffer an okada accident that would make me learn how to walk again.

During the months of recovery, I would get an insight into what the future would hold for me if I got injured and disabled.

When I recovered, I set a goal to retire in 2025. In order to achieve this I would have to focus on residual income not active income.

That decision would make me take inventory of my skills. With over 10 years of programming experience, I decided to start by publishing technology books.

The first time I made money from my book sales, I knew that I could pull off my goal of early retirement. The boom of eCommerce in Nigeria has opened up a wide variety of areas to make legitimate online income possible.

Today I am closer to that goal with the #MyInvestmentPlan program by Investment One. The goal is to select 10 people with retirement plans and prefund it with N100,000 (if I win it that is).

All you have to do is share what you would do with N100,000. You can find out more details on their Twitter handle. The contest runs on Twitter.

POOR means Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. As someone with a goal to retire in the next 8 years, this opportunity is a chance to travel faster in a direction that I am already going.

If I started an investment plan with Investment One starting with diversified mutual funds, I have a safety net while I setup other means of generating passive income.

At the moment, my book sales generate residual income. I am currently looking into selling WordPress themes (this site is powered by a WordPress theme developed by me). I am on the look out for more opportunities to generate residual income.

The chance to start a retirement portfolio is a plum from heaven. However as there are 10 slots, I have decided to share this. Check out the Investment One Twitter handle for more details.

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