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Google Africa Challenge Scholarship Program – Week 1

May 12th, 2018 | by Truston Ailende | Posted in Google Africa Challenge Scholarship Program

This week marked the end of the first week of participation in the Google Africa Challenge Scholarship Program.

This week we got onboarded into the Andela Learning Community Slack channel and there was an onboarding party on Friday the 11th.

The topic for this week was “The Benefits of Offline First” which covered why we need to design web apps to be able to work with zero connectivity.

Qualification for the next stage is based on participation in the ALC Slack channel. At this moment, I can categorically say that some class leaders have emerged.

Like we say in Nigerian “Boys the para” (They are on fire).

The course itself involves using Node. To install the program for the course, I had to download 241 MB worth of files. Living in Nigeria, this is massive.

To do this, I ensure that I wake up at 4.30 am and start my studies. That way, my downloads don’t fail as much.

Node is outside my comfort zone. So for me this class will be hard.

With 2,500 entrants and 100 winners making it to the next stage, I have a 4% chance of getting into the next phase of the program.

Regardless of this, I am still in this race.

Week 1 is done, see the image below:

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