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Google Africa Challenge Scholarship Program – Getting Started

May 8th, 2018 | by Truston Ailende | Posted in Google Africa Challenge Scholarship Program

When I posted the link for the Google Africa Scholarship Program on this blog, I also happened to apply for it.

Last week on May 3rd I got an email notifying me that I had been accepted into the program. A lot of my friends also got into the program.

Today, the program has officially begun.

I have joined the classroom and the Andela Learning Community on Slack.

For the next 8 weeks of my life, I will be focused on learning how to become a Mobile Web Specialist. If I happen to qualify, I will go on to the next phase of the program which is the Mobile Web Nanodegree.

Here’s to a long 8 weeks.

  • When will you bring back this such a noble opportunity to us again, i got this link late after the deadline date, but interested much. Technology is the only way to go now. Thanks

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