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CodeLagos One Year Anniversary

April 6th, 2018 | by Truston Ailende | Posted in CodeLagos
CodeLagos Logo

CodeLagos is an initiative of the Lagos State Government to train one million of its citizens to code by 2019.

Today marks one year since it has been my privilege to work with CodeLagos as a Master Trainer.

The flyer for the first event is shown below:

CodeLagos Master Trainers Workshop

My duties as a Master Trainer are:

  1. Curriculum development
  2. Training of teachers
  3. Selection and training of facilitators
  4. Teacher assessment and classification

Ironically, today is the last day of the CodeLagos Out of School Facilitator Training.

The CodeLagos Out of School program is one of the arms of CodeLagos meant to train individuals not in the school system how to program.

The second batch of the CodeLagos Out of School programs starts on Monday, April 9th and will end on Thursday May 17th.

Working with CodeLagos has given me insight into the size and scope of Lagos State.

CodeLagos has been my first education on the potential for transformation that a working government can have on their locality.

It is a lesson I am truly grateful for.

Here is to another year.

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