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Creating a Mancala Game using App Inventor

Mancala is a family of board games played around the world, sometimes called “sowing” games, or “count-and-capture” games, which describes the gameplay.

Mancala games are especially popular in Africa and are played in one variation or the other. Equipment is typically a board, constructed of various materials, with a series of holes arranged in rows, usually two or four. The materials include clay and other shape-able materials.

App Inventor is a visual, easy to use online Android Application development platform. App Inventor for Android was originally created by Google, and is now maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

It allows newcomers to computer programming to create software applications for the Android operating system. It uses a graphical interface which allows users to drag and drop visual objects to create an application that can run on Android devices.

With App Inventor, if you can imagine it, you can create it. Using this free, friendly tool, you can decide what you want your app to do and then click together colourful jigsaw-puzzle blocks to make it happen. App Inventor turns your project into an Android app that you can test on your computer, run on your phone, share with your friends, and even sell in the Google Play store.

This book is a free guide on how to create a Mancala game using App Inventor. The version of Mancala used in this book is called Ise which is played by the people of Edo State in Nigeria.

This book introduces the Mancala game and works from the ground up in showing the user how to convert a physical game into a digital one. All the design decisions are shown to allow the user totally understand the process of creating a digital product from a physical artefact.

If you are an absolute beginner to App Inventor or a teacher looking to extend the range of content available to teach your students, you will find this guide helpful in achieving that.

Get started with the exciting world of mobile application development using this free guide.

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How to Create Digital Products using Free Tools

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