ABACUS Money Market Fund

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. Yesterday, you said that you would start creating a future for yourself but have you done any of that? One reason why people rarely invest is because they don’t know about the investment channels to use. Some however are not tailored to their needs. Today I bring you the The ABACUS […]

LAKAJI Corridor

So I follow Kalu Aja on Twitter when last month the ban of milk was placed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. In that conversation, he mentioned the LAKAJI Corridor. I saw the above image and realised that the map only displayed the information. The LAgos-KAno-JIbiya (LAKAJI) Corridor is a 1,225 km transport route that […]

How to Receive Payments Online in Nigeria

If you live in Nigeria, the “change” in the last 4 years has left everywhere with a sense of scarcity and decline. To insist on staying in Nigeria means that you have to consider finding multiple sources of income. I remember sitting at a meeting during a government project I was working on the time […]