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A Horror Story

February 5th, 2018 | by Truston Ailende | Posted in Customer Service in Nigeria

This is a story of how a laptop repair led to 4 weeks of hell. It is sad that in Nigeria this is the default experience with most of the blue collar workers in Nigeria.

On the 4th of January 2017, my laptop would start misbehaving. Assuming it to be a battery problem, I would continue usage of the laptop and launch this website the next day.

To make the launch happen, I would remove the battery from the laptop and power it on. That day would mark the first post on this blog. I would push myself to the limits to make it happen.

The next day, the laptop would fail to come on. I would resign myself to the fact that the laptop would need repairs. I would contact the people I bought it from and inform them. On the 8th of January, the nightmare would begin.

It would start by me dropping off my laptop with them on the 8th of January. As the year was just beginning, I would begin the process of soliciting for funds.

I was informed by the repairer of the cost of the laptop and I raised the money and paid him. By the 22nd of January, I was waiting to collect my laptop only to be told that my laptop was missing.

At that moment I was stunned but I controlled myself and braced myself for the worst case wherein I would have to rewrite my books all over again.

After agonizing on all possible scenarios, I called the person in charge of the company on the 24th of January and he told me that my laptop had been found and would be ready for collection on the 26th of January.

I decided to move the collection date to the next day. So on Saturday the 27th of January, I would get to their shop and met none of the people I knew. I smelt something fishy and I asked to be given my laptop. On getting home, I would check it and discover that it wasn’t working.

My instincts had informed me not to check it at their shop. Had I done so, I might have killed somebody. I called everyone involved in the debacle and informed them that I wanted my money back by Wednesday of the coming week.

I would also inform my friends only to find out that I my experience wasn’t unique to me. It is sad when good customer service is the exception and not the norm in Nigeria.

That same day, they would return my money. They would also offer to repair the laptop for free. After 3 weeks of hell, I would pass.

On Tuesday the 30th of February I would give the laptop to a new repairer. He would inform me that the repairs of the laptop would cost much less than I paid to the other people.

However, that same day, he would later call me to inform me that the battery for the laptop had run down. According to him the other guys had left the laptop without it being charged which made the battery die.

Overall the total cost of repairs would come to the same amount I paid the other guys. I would collect the laptop 2 days later on the 1st of February thus starting a new month with my laptop and ending the nightmare.

Overall, the nightmare cost me 4 weeks of productivity. I was able to build a client’s website by going to his site and using his computer but I know now why I should have 2 computers.

I was stressed and made to feel anguish. I am grateful I didn’t hit anyone because I blew a fuse several times.

It is sad that this is the state of customer service in Nigeria.

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