ABACUS Money Market Fund

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. Yesterday, you said that you would start creating a future for yourself but have you done any of that?

One reason why people rarely invest is because they don’t know about the investment channels to use. Some however are not tailored to their needs.

Today I bring you the The ABACUS Money Market Fund.

The ABACUS Money Market Fund is an open-ended unit trust scheme particularly suited for investors seeking for preservation of capital and short term return.

It is a pool of fund that invest in high quality short term money market securities, unsubordinated short term debt securities such as Bankers’ Acceptances, Certificates of Deposits, Commercial Papers, Fixed Deposits with eligible financial institutions. It is managed by INVESTMENT ONE Funds Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Investment One Financial Services limited, currently licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a fund/portfolio management company.

Key Features of Abacus Money Market Fund:

  • The pools of funds are invested in money market instrument such as: Bankers acceptances, Certificates of deposits, commercial papers, collaterized repurchase agreement
  • Regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Partial redemption of unit is allowed
  • Offer price is N1.00 and remains constant benefits
  • Capital preservation and competitive returns
  • Easy subscription and redemption process
  • Opportunity to capitalise earnings whilst guaranteeing your principal
  • Offers opportunities for good returns compared to savings account while maintaining a low risk/conservative approach to the investment

To subscribe to any of our products, please click HERE.

You will need the following documents:

  • Passport photograph (1)
  • Valid means of identification e.g. international passport, national identification card or driving licence
  • Utility bill not older than 3 months
  • BVN Number

You can upload the above documents on the portal.

Don’t delay anymore. Start building your ark today.

LAKAJI Corridor

So I follow Kalu Aja on Twitter when last month the ban of milk was placed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

In that conversation, he mentioned the LAKAJI Corridor. I saw the above image and realised that the map only displayed the information.

The LAgos-KAno-JIbiya (LAKAJI) Corridor is a 1,225 km transport route that runs from the port of Lagos in the Southern part of Nigeria, through the commercial center of Kano, and ending in Jibiya at the border with Niger.

The LAKAJI Corridor has strategic importance for domestic, regional and international trade, as it is the main route for moving imported goods to northern Nigeria, and exports to southern ports.

It wasn’t interactive or dynamic so you couldn’t gain any insights from it.

So I created an interactive map of the LAKAJI Corridor which you can see below.

Tap or Mouseover a State

Mouse over the states in Nigeria or tap on them if you are using a mobile phone.

When you compare it with the static version of the map shown below, you will know why I love SVG.

LAKAJI Corridor

How to Receive Payments Online in Nigeria

If you live in Nigeria, the “change” in the last 4 years has left everywhere with a sense of scarcity and decline.

To insist on staying in Nigeria means that you have to consider finding multiple sources of income.

I remember sitting at a meeting during a government project I was working on the time where we were discussing this.

The individual in question said this words and they have stayed with me ever since: “Tap into a global supply chain”.

In January this year, I tried organising a training program. No thanks to the elections and the fact that we were new in the market, the program failed.

I would spend the whole of April and May totally broke. By the time I was buoyant again, I had learned my lesson.

Today, I plan to create digital assets. I no longer believe that Nigeria is the right environment for businesses to thrive.

In order to make money online, there has to be a way for you to collect your funds.

PayPal has imposed severe limitations on Nigeria which might never be lifted. So the best option to making money online is to find an alternative.

Payoneer is the best alternative to PayPal online. In Nigeria, its how I collect my online payments.

I sell book online. The biggest obstacle I had to overcome after my doubt was how I was the thought about how I was going to collect my money in Nigeria.

Research would lead me to Payoneer . I would discover how to integrate with Amazon to collect my royalties. Now every month, I collect royalties from Amazon.

Collect Payments from Udacity
Udacity Payoneer Collaboration

The above image shows you how much Payoneer is trusted in the industry. The continue working with many trusted partners across the web.

So, if you are interested in making money online, please give Payoneer a try.

The Return of the Maker

Today marks an end to 54 months of not being able to code. I was involved in an accident and my life would go to shit.

I learned from the experience that you don’t have to die to go to hell.

Thankfully, that is over. On Sunday the 28th of July, I would create my first Data Visualization in a very long time.

I was born with a high intellect which I always took for granted. Now that I can code again, I will not play with my abilites.

AFCON Winners was inspired by the just concluded African Nations Cup.

It ends the code drought I have experienced.

You can click this link to view it.

AFCON Winners Data Visualization

In the coming month, I will be taking the Programming with GUIs from FutureLearn.

Have a great August.